Baby boomers have more on their plates than their parents did. Do you find yourself sandwiched between job demands and family needs? Are you:
• Tracking down Dad’s insurance claims on your lunch hour
• Skipping dinner to help your daughter figure out her checkbook
• Spending weekends sorting junk mail and organizing tax receipts
• Dreading family phone calls and visits, instead of enjoying them

Naturally, you’d like to help your parents and children with their financial chores, but:
• Your job is demanding, leaving little time and energy for your own finances, much less theirs.
• You live far away and can’t visit as often as they need you.
• They won’t talk about their finances, until there’s an emergency.

Helping your family doesn’t mean “doing it all on your own.” Contact Financial Detailers to take care of day-to-day financial chores for you and your family, so you can spend your time with the people in your life, instead of their bills, insurance, and paperwork.